Audio Video Conferencing

Audio Video Conferencing
Audio Video Conferencing 2018-05-04T06:46:25+00:00

Video Conferencing System

  • High definition
  • Multi-Point Enabled

Video Conferencing System

  • Point to point HD Video Communication
  • HD Definition standard
  • Video Active Switching enabled
  • Continuous presence enabled
  • External Audio, Video & data input/output.

Audio Conferencing System

  • 12 foot pick up range
  • Out standing Clarity

High-end Wired & Wireless Mics

  • Highly sensitive mics
  • Tie-clip mics
  • Hand-held mics
  • Table-top mics

Wired Conferencing System

  • Compact die cast aluminum in a unique profile
  • Highly sensitive 16” long goose neck mic
  • Bright and clear ring LED Indicator
  • Head phone out and mic off feature

Wireless Conferencing System

  • 8/4 Channel UHF microphone System
  • 20-80cm voice pickup distance
  • 24 different non interfering UHF frequency


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