Conferencing & Paging Solutions

Conferencing System

DCS-9000 Series is a new generation advanced Digital Conference System that features modern and robust
design, intelligent control and highly customizable audio conferencing experience. Entire system can be controlled
by using ‘DCS Control’ PC software. The basic system includes a Control Unit, a Chairman Unit and up to 32
Delegate Units. The system can be expanded up to 72 Delegate Units using Expansion Units.
The DCS-9000 series supports Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and advanced equalization controls to customize
the audio in accordance to the acoustics of the conference room. The system has a provision of Camera Tracking
using a PTZ Camera (PELCO-D/VISCAprotocol). Other features include Voting, 1 button Feedback Suppression
and Simultaneous Interpretation.


Hybrid work is no longer a trend, it’s normal everyday working life. Fortunately, the right technology & services can solve the challenges that both users and IT face.

Download our Buyer’s Guide to learn about:

  • Virtual meeting challenges to tackle for a dispersed workforce
  • Key technology considerations for different workspaces & meeting rooms
  • Webcams, headsets, speakerphones, and desk phones suited for each workspace
  • IT management tools, services, and support to consider
  • How the union of HP and Poly delivers innovation & reliable quality to support your hybrid work strategy

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Solutions for Boardroom / Conference Room

Today, organizations of all sizes are looking for video conferencing solutions that not only accomplish their business requirements, but also deliver best-in-class experience. This blog aims to give a detailed picture of boardroom/conference room video conferencing solutions. What requirements and features are expected from  conference room/ boardroom video conferencing solutions are what is taken into consideration here.

Here are some things to consider, while deciding an appropriate video conferencing solution for your boardroom.


from AHUJA

  • A high performance remote zonal paging console that works with paging
    controller APZ-502CU for remote paging and control over a multi-zone
  • Several modes (all zones, 10 zones or individual zones) can be achieved
    through this paging console.
  • Capability to page upto 300 zones from one APZ-501RM.
  • Capability of cascading (series connection with RJ 45) up to 16 microphones
    for paging from multiple locations.
  • Operation number input keys with LED display.
  • Can manage upto 30 paging controllers APZ-502CU (for 300 zones).
  • Fitted with a condenser microphone with flexible 12.5 inch (31cm) gooseneck.
    Built in chime circuit.
  • Recessed chime and microphone level controls.
  • Elegant extruded aluminium body





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