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Equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies, the AVR-X3100W A/V receiver lets you listen to your favorite tracks from your portable audio player, smartphone and tablet, as well as from your home network. Choose from a wide range of internet radio stations, and listen to your favorite tracks from music streaming services such as Pandora, SiriusXM and Spotify. You can also listen to tracks on your DLNA home PC or Mac, and the AVR-X3100W is equipped with dual RF antennas for maximum Bluetooth and WiFi reception quality.

The most economical ‘one-component’ route to home theater by including both A/V processor and amplification in one unit. Selects the source, decodes the multichannel cinema surround-sound format, controls volume, performs room equalization, manages bass signals when a subwoofer is used, and sends video content to display device.  Can be controlled by typical custom home integration controls.  Includes video processing, video upconversion, AM/FM tuner, secondary zone capabilities, and control of other devices through trigger and/or HDMI CEC.

KEF’s revolutionary T Series is in a different league from any low profile speaker you’ve ever heard.As one of the world’s thinnest high performance home theatre systems, the new T Series combines several landmark innovations: a radical new ultra-low profile bass and midrange driver, and a large, fully vented new tweeter. By incorporating both in cabinets only 35mm (just over 1.25in.) deep, the T Series brings you all the pleasures of true audiophile quality sound in a speaker that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the latest flat screen TVs.

Not everyone can have bookshelf or floor standing audiophile speakers in every room of their home but nearly everyone has a taste for speakers that truly sound fantastic. Today’s high end in-wall and on-wall speakers can finally compete with the uber-high-end floorstanding audiophile speakers. Many home theater enthusiasts are using in-wall and on-wall speakers to save space in their rooms, allowing for larger projector screens and Flat HDTVs without having to compromise on audio performance.

Floor standing & Bookshelf Loudspeakers To enjoy the most realistic stereo image and lifelike sound, place the speakers so that an equilateral triangle is created between the speakers and your favorite listening position. Angle the speakers toward the middle as necessary in order to support a more solid center image. And experiment with the distance between your speakers and both the back and side walls. You’ll experience some bass boost with the speakers located close to walls. The LSiM Series bookshelf loudspeakers were designed to provide excellent performance on a bookshelf or placed on a floor stand.


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