Interactive Whiteboard



  • Control using multi-touch
  •  Responds to fingers and pens
  •  Allows for simultaneous users
  •  No need pressure to write on board


  •  Electronic-free surface for durability
  •  16 function buttons
  •  All electronics in replaceable sensor
  •  Free software updates


  • Color Scanning Whiteboard
  • SD Memory Card/USB Flash Memory storage direct from the control panel
  • Color output in PDF or JPEG formats
  • USB Computer interface
  • Functions as a USB Flash Drive to the computer
  • Driver software not required


  • Built-in Security features
  • Password Lock – prevents saving data without a password
  • Erase notification – reminder to erase the contents on the board
  • Eco Friendly design
  • Save meeting notes directly to your PC, no paper required